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God has LIMITLESS influence, potential, opportunity and legacy for your life and for this church. This is a time we are going to look back on years down the road and realize how God was unlocking the limits in our lives. God always does, when He seeks to do something through us.
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Bob & Jen Hayley

True generosity is when you're giving in a way that requires you to turn to God and trust Him.
The more generous we are, the more people we've been able to reach...As we give, He gives us so much more!

Craig & Charlotte Laughton

“You have to step into something if you really want to grow your faith beyond any borders you’ve created.”

“The only thing that lasts is anything that’s built for the Kingdom! We want to see the Kingdom advance- we have confidence that what we give, is going to advance the gospel here and around the world.”

Nate & Dani Turner

"When we've stepped out in faith, giving more than we were comfortable with...we knew God had us!"

"God wants your heart. He doesn't want or need your money."

Erick & Carol Klaassen

"If you're on the fence just trust God. He will not fail you. There hasn't been any circumstance we've come up against, God hasn't shown up and proven Himself faithful and that is why we believe God is limitless."

Debbie Borge

"You don't take with you what you have accumulated and I don't want at the end of my life or even tomorrow to feel like I forfeited an opportunity to bless somebody else. Limitless is an opportunity to join God on a journey of blessing others and bringing others to Christ!"
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