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Total Limitless Initiative
Total Given

Let's celebrate what God is doing in us and through us during this two year journey of generosity together.
This is faith without borders.
Smalls Limitless story
It's exciting to hear so many stories of where people are using their gifts, engaging in ministry and giving back generously to see the gospel advance.
Watch the Highpoint SEND Hub Update
We are 8 months into a 2 year Limitless journey as a church. We’re seeing first hand how God’s moving both in us as we seek to follow him and how He’s working through us in advancing the Gospel. The hope of Jesus is being found here, and it's being extended throughout the world. Watch the video and hear an update from our extension church, Highpoint St. Vincent and Pastor Al Blake. 
Limitless Legacy
One area of focus for Limitless is our Limitless Legacy to the next generation, with creating opportunities to raise up the next generation of leaders. This summer we have an incredible group of college-age leaders from all over the country and one leader from our extension location, Highpoint St. Vincent, joining the Highpoint team as they press into all areas of ministry. Because of your investment, these next generation leaders are pouring into the ministry at Highpoint and being equipped and trained  to continue advancing the Kingdom as they return to their families, schools and communities at the end of the summer. 
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